Running the Wrong Way
Running The Wrong Way:
Redefining the rules of running and finding yourself along the way
An Honest Running Experience
Running is no different than most things in life.  Those who need the most help and have the most questions tend to be the least willing to seek out advice from experienced runners.  I was there once.  I bought a couple of books, spent too much on unecessary gear, set a goal, and by pure luck (and some surprising unknown talent) met that initial goal.  And like many others, that was all it took.  The only difference between my story and most is that I took on a big first running goal my first year as a "runner", finishing a sub 3:30 marathon.    

If you are in the spot I was once, a novice runner that was too intimidated to ask the pros/experienced runners for sound advice, I am here to help kickstart that effort.  If you've been engaged in the running community for awhile and are looking for another running connection, welcome as well...

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Have you heard that every runner has their own unique form?  I hear this all the time and though there is some truth to it, there are some running form basics that everyone can benefit from.​​​​

Starting with a solid base with your running form can help you improve efficiency, reduce injury potential, and increase speed.

What is even better (if you ask me) using these basics can save you money.  Improve technique and you can avoid injury, which helps to prevent trips to the clinic, pysical therapist, or chiropractor.  Additionally, better technique means better use of your body's own advanced running technogies, which means you can dump those $150+ shoes and start working your way towards becoming a minimalist runner.  

By using these recommended running techniques, I was able to shift from shoes with heavy cushioning and strong arch support to racing flats over a year's time...

Running Form Basics

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Sharing Experiences, Both Successes and Failures
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